Alba. From the shadow in the light


21st of July 2019


Dance performance with children and young people from the Community Dance Academy as a supporting program for the exhibition 50x50x50 Freiräume in the Franzensfeste fortress


During a two-week camp (Community Dance Academy) of the South Tyrolean dance collective in collaboration with Tanz Bozen, children and young people will work together with the dance company of Rachid Ouramdane (FRA) on the piece Franchir la nuit, which will be shown on July 19th at the Festival Tanz Bozen. The short choreographies developed during the workshop by Martina Marini, Sabrina Fraternali, Sarah Merler, Anastasia Kostner and the young dancers, entitled Alba - From Shadow to Light, will be performed on Sunday 21 July at the Franzensfeste Festival.

Performance on Sunday, 21st of July 2019 at 17:00
Tickets at the box office (full price: 7 €; family ticket: 14 €)
The ticket includes a free visit to the exhibition 50x50x50 free spaces

A production of the South Tyrolean dance collective as part of Bolzano Danza | Tanz Bozen 2019


Further dates in the supporting programme of the exhibition 50x50x50 Freiräume:

26th of July, 8.30 p.m.
Concert for violin and piano in collaboration with AlpenClassica Festival

17th of August, 8 p.m.
space is only noise
Soundperformance from Tobias Tavella

7th of September, 8 p.m.
La casa fuori
Literature evening of the compagnia delle poete under the direction of Grazia Negro of Frahlingur LINGUAFRANCA