Bridge between North and South: Roman roads in South Tyrol


21 October 2017 – 12 June 2018



The exhibition informs about the particularities and the importance of the Roman roads and shows important findings that have come to light along these roads: Milestones, head of Aphrodite, coins, amphorae, oil lamps, fine tableware (Terra Sigillata), glasses.


In Roman times an extensive road network connected all provinces of the Roman Empire. The roads enabled a quick relocation of troops and formed the basis for trade, economy and the spread of Roman culture. South Tyrol is crossed by three important Roman roads: The Via Claudia Augusta connected the northern Italian area via the Adige valley with the provincial capital Augusta Vindelicum (Augsburg). Other roads ran through the Eisacktal and Pustertal valleys. South Tyrol has always been a border and transit country, a bridgehead between South and North.