Bunker NO. 3


Visit to a bunker outside the fortress


Built in 1939 and located in the woods near the fortress, the concrete bunker is 290 metres in length, 600 m² in size and almost completely covered by vegetation. The bunker was built as part of the Alpine defensive system, initiated in 1931 (the so-called “Vallo Alpino”) that remained in use until 1992. Visitors to the bunker and its surroundings will learn interesting facts about the history of this defensive system.


Route: approx. 20-minute walk along a forest path to the bunker
Target group: groups (for visitors interested in military history)
Duration: 1.5 hours
Languages: German, Italian, English



for groups ≤ 20 people: 100 € + entrance fee

for groups ≥ 20 people : 5 € per person + entrance fee

Registration and info: info@franzensfeste.info; tel. +39 0472 057218