Catalogue presentation


10th of May 2019


The catalogue of the exhibition "Border Crossings. Julia Bornefeld & Michael Fliri" is now available!


Boundaries and the experience of boundaries are the great themes confronted by the two artists Julia Bornefeld and Michael Fliri in the Fortress of Fortezza and which have resulted in works on canvas, photographs, video installations and sculptures.

The catalogue "Grenzgänge. Sconfinamenti. Border Crossings. Julia Bornefeld & Michael Fliri" was produced to document the exhibition, which can be visited until 3rd of June 2019 in the Franzensfeste fortress. In addition to the numerous photographs Ivo Corrà has taken of the works on display in the rooms, the catalogue contains an in-depth introduction by curator Esther Erlacher and two literary reflections on the exhibition themes by Jörg Zemmler and Maxi Obexer.

In the winter of 2017, Julia Bornefeld worked for some time in a studio set up in the fortress. Inspired by the theory of morphogenetic fields of the biologist Rupert Sheldrake - a theory that oscillates between developmental biology and parapsychology and argues that organisms influence each other by their mere presence - Bornefeld has created works in which she has brought together as directly as possible the intense emotions that the fortress has aroused in her. The result was "morphic fields", cycles of works that the artist has combined in the exhibition with installations created earlier and specially adapted for the current exhibition.

Michael Fliri also uses the fortress as a setting for his chimerical creations. The masks, as well as their different functions and meanings, are the recurring theme of his works. The space, the void between the mask (the shell) and the body is the object of his study: where does man end and where does the world begin? For this passage between different states the artist develops magical scenarios, which he experiments in the exhibition in many variations, with installations of different artistic forms (photographs, sculptures, videos).

Grenzgänge. Sconfinamenti. Border Crossings. Julia Bornefeld & Michael Fliri
by the Provincial Museum of the Fortress of Fortezza
24 x 16,8 cm, 92 pages, paperback binding, (dt/en), Euro 18,00
Fortress 2019
ISBN 978-88-944494-0-2
can be purchased at the cashier's desk of the Franzensfeste fortress

With great interest from the public, the catalogue was presented at the fortress of Franzensfeste in the presence of the artists Julia Bornefeld and Michael Fliri, curator Esther Erlacher and author Jörg Zemmler on the evening of the 10th of May.

Copyright photo: Ivo Corrà and Uwe Ringleb