Concert: STUDIO#3 empty space


16 December 2021



The concert by the ensemble chromoson takes place as part of the Art in Advent exhibition.


An empty exhibition space and an empty nativity as metaphors for expectation. Absence sharpens the senses for what is still present. Sounds in an empty space - empty space. The act of listening as an act of unconditional searching and feeling, a listening sensing of the space surrounding us - Advent. The Franzensfeste Fortress and ensemble chromoson invite you to an Advent concert of a different kind: the empty powder magazine is staged as a sound space that contains works of filigree beauty through a conscious reduction of means. The musicians of the ensemble present works by Alvin Lucier, Jürg Frey, Klaus Lang, Melchior Vulpius and Hannes Kerschbaumer.


With: Carolin Ralser, flute (bass)
Marco Sala, clarinets
Massimiliano Girardi, saxophones
Philipp Lamprecht, percussion
Hannes Kerschbaumer, electronics, artistic direction

Free admission
Start: 8 p.m.
Entrance: 7.30 p.m.
Green Pass required

Venue: Powder magazine