Construction Site


The architectural features of the fortress yesterday and today


Building a fortress the size of a whole village was a huge undertaking, involving more than 4,000 soldiers and workers between 1833 and 1838. Franzensfeste, completed in 1838, is a masterpiece of functional fortress architecture and even today appears as a surprisingly modern building. After the military left, in 2003, the fortress was gradually converted to its present purpose as a provincial museum and adapted by means of spectacular architectural alterations.



Further information:
Target group: guided tour for groups of visitors interested in architecture
Route: tour of the Lower Fortress and the BBT Infopoint
Duration: 1.5 hours
Languages: English, German, Italian

for groups ≤ 20 persons: 100 € + entrance fee
for groups ≥ 20 persons: 5 € per person + entrance fee

Registration and info:; tel. +39 0472 057218