The gold tunnel and its secrets


16 December 1943: A train from the south rolls into Franzensfeste station containing 127.5 tonnes of gold to be stored at Franzensfeste. In 1945 a total of 79 tonnes, brought according to documentation from Franzensfeste to Berlin, disappears without trace. The legendary story of Mussolini’s gold is told and illustrated in the gold tunnel at Franzensfeste.

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Route: tour of the Lower and Middle Fortress

Target group: groups (adults, children, including people with disabilities)

Duration: 1.5 hours

Languages: German, Italian, English

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for groups ≤ 20 persons: 100 € + entrance fee

for groups ≥ 20 persons: 5 € per person + entrance fee

Registration and info:; tel. +39 0472 057218

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