Morgenstern and Mondendinge


8th of December 2018


Puppet theatre for children from 4 years and up and adults

A fascinating and witty magazine that opens your eyes and ears to the world of poetry.


A special occasion to visit the Art in the Advent Season exhibition with art installations by South Tyrolean artists Elisa Grezzani, Ruth Gamper, Peter Verwunderlich, Jörg Zemmler, Matthias Schönweger and Hartwig Thaler was Saturday, December 8th.

At 4 p.m. the theater Morgenstern und Mondendinge (Morning star and things of the moon) for children from 4 years of age and adults took place in the powder keg of the lower fortress. In this mix of puppet games, dramas, shadow plays and music, the performers Sabine Hennig and Saskia Vallazza took the audience into the world of Christian Morgenstern's colourful mythical creatures and crossword puzzles. The fascinating and witty staging of the magazine with Christian Morgenstern's well-known and lesser-known poems invited the audience to continue writing poetry, laughing, smiling and singing for young and old and to open their eyes and ears to the world of poetry.

Afterwards, hot drinks and sweet Christmas cookies were served.