Open Studios Day


24 February 2022, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Behind the closed gates of the fortress, the 30 women artists participating in the WOMENfortress project have been working in their temporary studios since mid-January.


The artists from various fields of the visual arts such as painting, sculpture, photography and video art, but also from the performing arts such as dance, singing, composition and literature work in the rooms of the fortress on the theme of courage. Through their artistic work, the women break up the inscribed masculinity of the fortress, take over the spaces for themselves and create artistic positions that address various facets of courage and bravery.

On Thursday 24 February, interested visitors can take a look behind the scenes and watch the artists at work at an open studio day and talk to them personally.

Free admission from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
A 2-G certificate (Super Green Pass) is required


With: Ursula Beiler, Katrin Böge, Daniela Chinellato, co.op STOFF (Irmgard Hofer-Wolf und Monika Köck),
Carmen Eisath, Karolina Gacke, Marianna Gostner, Nora Gutwenger, Kata Hinterlechner, Erika Inger,
Brigitte Knapp, Vanja Krajnc, Clara Mayr und Morin Pichler, Katharina Theresa Mayr, Milena Meller,
Lene Morgenstern, Elisa Nave, Anne Marie Pircher, Barbara Plagg, Paula Regina Prugger, Christiane Raich,
Sylvie Riant, Karin Schmuck, Miriam Taschler, Barbara Tisocco, Laura Volgger,
Erika Wimmer Mazohl und Anna Maria Mackowitz.