Opening: Bunkerd


27 May 2022, 2 pm


Opening of the new permanent exhibition Bunkered – Bunkers in South Tyrol


The new permanent exhibition on the bunkers in South Tyrol focuses on the Alpine Wall, which was built in the 1930s-1940s. It ran through the entire Alpine arc and numbered over 300 bunkers in South Tyrol alone, five of which are located in Franzensfeste. The Alpenwall was never completed. However, some of the bunkers were reactivated during the Cold War and expanded in case of an invasion from the East.

The exhibition aims to shed light on the hidden defensive structures, their historical and political backgrounds, as well as the technical requirements for the construction of the bunkers, and to emphasise the value of peaceful coexistence. Bunker No. 3, which belongs to Franzensfeste Fortress, can be visited with a booked guided tour.



Ulrich Stofner, Departmental Director for Economy, Innovation and Europe

Massimo Bessone, Councillor for Construction, Land Registry, Cadastre and Heritage

Thomas Klapfer, Mayor of Fortezza and President of the Oppidum Association

Angelika Fleckinger, Director of Provincial Museums

Performance with

Bunkerherrele Matthias Schönweger, Performance and visual artist, writer

Afterwards visit to the exhibition with

Esther Erlacher, Fortress Coordinator

Anita Rossi, Moderator, editor and journalist

Antonio Russo, Fortress Mediation

Karl Pircher, Exhibition design, Walking Chair