Opening – LOCKOUT


12th of September 2020


48 artists show their very personal perspective on the lockout.


Opening program:

From 11 a.m.
Introduction to the exhibition: Curator Heinrich Schwazer
Performative reading: Lene Morgenstern
Performance: Jakob de Chirico
Music: Fainschmitz


From 1 p.m.
Reading festival: Literatur Lana

Our society has become vulnerable and unsafe the times when we are suddenly inhabited and endangered by the smallest bodies in us. We can't yet say what it will do to us, but we can hear what literature says about these times: in a reading festival for the authors who wrote texts for Lana literature during the months of the lockdown. They were published in the Neue Südtiroler Tageszeitung as the “Fiebermesser” series and are now to come on stage in a readers' group.

With Rut Bernardi, Bertrand Huber, Waltraud Mittich, Lene Morgenstern, Josef Oberhollenzer, Anne Marie Pircher, Matthias Schönweger, Gerd Sulzenbacher, Matthias Vieider, Erika Wimmer, Jörg Zemmler.