Opening: Water Light Festival


30 April 2022, 8 p.m.


In its 4th edition, the Brixen Water Light Festival © powered by Durst
surprises this year with installations beyond the bishop's town.
The artists Vincenzo Marsiglia and Kari Kola are guests of the Fortress Franzensfeste.


Vincenzo Marsiglia, Senses and Spaces
in collaboration with Boesso Art Gallery

The exhibition includes current works by the artist, which he has adapted in dialogue with the fortress.
The play of light in the installations dissolves the boundary between inside and outside, making the exhibition tour a unique perceptual experience.


Kari Kola, Images, 2022

The installation is based on very slowly changing colours that will transform the whole area. A site, that sparked the inspiration of the artist with its history of being a military fortress which was not in use and that changed its function to become home for the arts and exhibitions, therefore the goal of the artist is to create abstract, painting-like images, to reflect the diverse
history of the site.


Angelika Fleckinger:Director of Provincial Museums
Werner Zanotti: Managing Director Bressanone Turismo Soc. Coop.
Esther Erlacher:Fortress Coordinator

The opening will be followed by a guided tour with the artists.