8th of December 2019


A philosophical theatre production of figures and objects for four hands, drums, wood and spirit.


“PanTaDam” is about Pan, the Greek shepherd god with the feet of a goat who is said to be dead, and the question of what he actually was: man, animal, god, or a bit of everything – a Pantadam? Employing unusual methods, we go in search of him to discover a dancing god – or just a broken branch? Do forest spirits speak to each other – or is it just weird tones made by metal and wood? Do we see passengers boarding a ship, the moon rising on the horizon – or just white balls and a flashlight in a hand? As long as we see and hear with our own senses, we will always influence what we perceive. Behind everything is music, sometimes audible, sometimes silent. Because, without music, everything would likely be an error.

Figures, setting and performance: Eva Sotriffer
Percussion and clarinet: Jonathan Delazer
Assistance with direction: Manuel Canelles
Text: Plutarch

Place: Powder magazine of the Franzensfeste fortress
Start: 4 p.m.
Duration: approx. 45 minutes

While the performance is primarily aimed at adults, children who are interested are welcome to accompany their parents! Hot drinks and Christmas biscuits will be served around the bonfire after the performance.
Admission: 7 €, reductions 5 €

Eva Sotriffer is a puppeteer with her own small workshop and stage; she has been touring South Tyrol and its surrounding areas since 2010 with her works, in which she likes to give a central role to music (
Jonathan Delazer is a freelance musician and composer who trained at the Stuttgart
University of Music and Performing Arts and is now involved as a drummer in various jazz and modern classical projects.

“PanTaDam” is their first joint project.

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