Photo competition “150 years Brenner Railway – Connecting People”


April 2017



1. Organization

Foundation Council for Technical Cultural Heritage in cooperation with the fortress of Franzensfeste.

2. Objective

The aim of the photo contest is to develop a new environmental awareness for rail mobility. Since 1867 the Brenner Railway has connected the north with the south and revolutionized the sense of time and space in the world of the former Tyrol. Innovative construction techniques and the design of landscape-related routes by engineer Karl von Etzel have set new standards to date. The Brenner railway from Innsbruck to Verona, as a central infrastructure, is now in a state of flux, a complex network of relationships that has contributed to the economic and socio-cultural development of the Alpine region. Efforts to develop the railway as a sustainable and future-oriented means of transport should be the focus of attention. The theme of the photo competition will be infrastructure in the context of the landscape and settlement area, the transit of goods and people, historical and modern rolling stock, buildings of the past and future.
The aim of the competition is to promote cross-border cooperation in the European region of Tyrol and, in addition, to raise public awareness of the habitat of the railways.
An international jury will select the photos and award the prizes. The closing date for entries is 30.4.2017. A selection of the works will be shown in an exhibition in August 2017 in the fortress of Franzensfeste.

3. Participation

The competition is open to everyone: photographers, amateurs and artists.
Members of the jury and those who are in constant professional collaboration with the jury members are excluded.

4. Authorized objects

Single photos or a series of maximum 8 photos are allowed.
Only prints on paper will be judged, so the images must also be presented as digital files.
Size of prints: the long side of the image must be at least 40 cm and may not be longer than 45 cm. Standard sizes are: 30 x 45 cm (2:3 format) or 30 x 40 cm (3:4 format). Other formats are allowed provided that the long side of the image is the correct size. Each participant may submit a maximum of four - in the case of an 8 series - images (black and white and/or colour).
Frames, passepartouts or similar are not allowed and may result in exclusion from the competition. Files must be in A3 format with a resolution of 300 dpi and have the same identification number as the photo printed on paper. Digital photos must be sent together with the entry form via wetransfer ( to the email address:
All information is available on a separate website:
Each photo sent must have a six-digit identification number of your choice on the bottom right back.
Photographers sending five images must have the same identification number. In addition, the completed application form must be submitted in a separate sealed envelope with the identification number in block letters (author's declaration). The completed form must also be submitted in digital format. Competitors who do not submit their work on paper and on the web by the deadline will not be admitted to the competition.

5. Sending/Returning

The photos can be delivered during office hours at the fortress of Franzensfeste or sent by post by 30.4.2016 (postmark count). Mail received after this date will not be admitted to the competition.
Postal address: Forte di Fortezza for the attention of Dr. Stefanie Prieth, Brennerstraße, 39045 Franzensfeste, Italy.
Only items in stable packaging that can be reused for the return shipment will be accepted. If you want a return shipment, you must enclose a sufficient amount of return shipping costs and a label with the completed address. The return shipment will be made no earlier than three weeks after the end of the exhibition.
Items without the return shipping address label will not be returned. If you want the self-collection, this must be indicated on the registration form. These photos can be picked up at the fort's office by 30.10.2017, by telephone appointment. After this date the organiser has the right to destroy the remaining photos. All expeditions are carried out at the risk of the respective participant, regardless of the route of the expedition.

6. Jury

William Guerrieri, Head of the Rubiera Border Line, Modena, Italy
Horst Hambrusch, Foundation Council for Technical Cultural Heritage, Bolzano
Walter Niedermayr, artist and photographer, Bolzano,
Günter Richard Wett, architectural photographer, Innsbruck
Oliver Jaist, photographer, Varna - Munich
Luigi Cantamessa, FS Foundation, Rome

7. Price

1° price 3.000,00 Euro,
2° price 2.000,00 Euro,
3° price 1.000,00 Euro.
All participants will receive a small prize as thanks for their participation on the day of the award ceremony.

8. Award ceremony and exhibition

The award ceremony for the works and the contemporary photography exhibition will be held in August 2017, in memory of the day the first locomotive crossed the Brenner Pass in August 1867, 150 years ago.

9. Copyrights

By submitting entries for the competition, the participant accepts the following conditions:
By signing the entry form, each participant declares that he/she is the only author of the works submitted to the competition, that he/she can freely dispose of the works and transferable rights of use and copyright and that the photographs are free of third party rights. The participant guarantees that the persons depicted in the pictures consent to the representation and publication. Furthermore, he guarantees that there are no third party rights to the objects depicted in the pictures or that these third parties expressly consent to the illustration and publication. As a precautionary measure, he releases the organiser from all claims of third parties in this context.
By participating in the competition, the organizer is granted an irrevocable and unlimited right of use of the submitted photos; the use is exclusively for cultural purposes without the intention of profit. The organizer reserves the right to publish the photos submitted to the competition if the author is nominated. There is no right of publication. This does not give rise to a request for payment. There is no claim to remuneration for the exhibition according to these competition conditions and any publication in a corresponding exhibition catalogue, even if the exhibited work has not won a prize.
Irrespective of this, the participant retains all further rights of exploitation.

10. Liability

The organiser's liability for the works presented is excluded, unless he can be accused of at least gross negligence.
With regard to the conditions for participation in the competition, possible exclusion and the jury's decision, legal action is excluded.

11. Entry Form

Only entries with the registration form filled in in all its parts will be accepted for the prize. By taking part, candidates claim to be the creator and author of the submitted images and to agree with the rules of the photo contest "150 years Brennereisenbahn - Connecting people".




registration form in Excel format, downloadable from the website:
The completed form, together with the digital photos, must be sent via Wetransfer to the e-mail address
The same form, together with the printed paper photos, must be sent to the following postal address:
Fortress of Franzensfeste, to the attention of Dr. Stefanie Prieth, Brennerstrasse, 39045 Franzensfeste, Italy