Primary school students paint their favourite gondola


11th of May 2018


Painting study in the context of the preparations for the exhibition "Always on the ropes".

Elementary school children paint their favorite gondola.


Preparations for the exhibition "Always on the ropes. The ropeways connect", which will open on Friday, April 20, is in full swing. The forklifts lift the models into position, the panels are fixed, the craftsmen lift the winches and roller batteries through the rooms, there is a smell of mortar and mural painting. Setting up an exhibition is a nerve-wracking operation, where every move must be well coordinated.

On Tuesday, about twenty pupils* from Fortezza primary school were able to immerse themselves in this exciting atmosphere. Under the guidance of Judith Waldboth and her team, as well as Horst Hambrusch and Alessandro Chilovi, they were invited to put their impressions and above all their ideas about what a gondola might look like on paper. The children were able to paint their favourite gondola lift with brushes and tempera colours on long strips of paper against a background of a mountain landscape under the blue South Tyrolean sky. The cheerful and constructive cooperation became a lasting community experience.

From 20.4.2018, the successful artistic result can be seen on display for a year. The painted paper strips will serve as a guiding system linking the seven themes of the exhibition presented in the individual casemates.

The Board of Trustees would like to thank the Museum for providing the premises and teachers of the Franzensfeste primary school, as well as the pupils, most of them from immigrant families, for their characteristic and valuable contribution to the exhibition.