Restless forms


30th of September 2017


Where is the area around the main ridge of the Alps today in international discourse? What local potential of multilingualism is not yet exploited? How can one draw attention to the differences in the possibilities of building the language community?



Performative walk: 10.30 a.m. & 1.30 pm
Two performative paths lead through the exhibition in the fortress in a physical-linguistic translation of the works of art. The voice and the body perceive the works and associate them freely, radically and delicately. Director: Franziska Guggenbichler-Beck. Performance: Fritz Faust.

Symposium: 3 p.m., Powder magazine
"Forms without rest" is dedicated to the different languages of South Tyrol and traces the mechanisms, writing, thought and culture of translation. Bringing together authors, translators and project presentations, this symposium explores the literary and artistic possibilities of translation and the practice of multilingualism.

Main reading: SAAV 5.30 p.m., powder magazine
More than 20 South Tyrolean authors* open up a literary panorama to the supposed horizon and beyond.

Finissage and party: 7 p.m. - 10.30 p.m., 37er Haus
Buffet and contemporary Italian folk with night coffee.