7th of November 2019


Dig into memories: literary evening at the fortress of Franzensfeste


As part of the temporary exhibition "Studied in Innsbruck" the Franzensfeste fortress will host a talk with author Erika Wimmer and writer and musician Jörg Zemmler, who will present their latest books for the occasion.

For many, the period of study at university arouses feelings of enthusiasm and positive nostalgia. This is clearly explained by the temporary exhibition "Studied in Innsbruck. Memories of South Tyrolean students", currently on display at the fortress. Created on the occasion of the 350th anniversary of the University of Innsbruck, the exhibition tells a piece of the history of education in South Tyrol by relying on the exemplary power of individual memories.

Among the personal testimonies represented in the exhibition are those of the writer and musician Jörg Zemmler, born in 1975, and the author Erika Wimmer Mazohl, originally from Bolzano and who moved to Innsbruck at the time of her studies at the end of the 1970s. Both of them are used to digging into the memory and setting exemplary experiences in words. Both will be guests of a literary evening at the fortress of Franzensfeste, where together with the cocurator of the exhibition Alma Vallazza they will talk about their entry into the literary and musical scene in Innsbruck at the time of the university.

For the occasion, they will also present their latest books. Erika Wimmer Mazohl will talk about her book of lyrics "Orte sind" (Laurin editions, 2019), in which, playing with language and with a critical spirit, she describes from several perspectives real and fictitious places of memory. Jörg Zemmler will instead introduce "Seiltänzer und Zaungäste", his first prose book, consisting of close-ups and sketches of a wide range of human scenarios.

The evening is free and will take place in German language. From 6 p.m. on the same day you can visit the temporary exhibition free of charge.

Info: Franzensfeste fortress, tel. 0472 057209 o 0472 057212, or e-mail to or