Young & Musseum: Free entry


17 June – 4 September 2022


Off to the fortress!
With the abo+ you can visit the Franzensfeste Fortress for free all summer long!


The huge fortress has all sorts of exciting things in store for you. In the rooms of the art exhibition by Petra Polli and Werner Gasser there are traces of the fortress employees as light installations and rooms full of powder. The new exhibition about the bunkers lets you immerse yourself in a world hidden in the depths. What else can you discover?
In the courtyards you can spread out your blanket, relax or have a picnic.  The museum shop sells upcycled bags and small gadgets from the fortress.  Behind every corner, on the bridge over the water reservoir, in the lower and middle fortress, everywhere you will find great photo locations! Granite walls, brick vaults, views all over the fortress....

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The museum is also directly accessible by bike or public transport.
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