Planning schools together


28 October 2017 – 1 April 2018



Designing a school is much more than designing a building. It means designing a future in which the urban community or a country is reflected. Pedagogical and educational considerations are broadened and linked to political, social, economic and cultural evaluations.



For some time now, in the construction of public buildings, an attempt has been made to abandon the top-down approach; future users and residents and their needs are therefore at the forefront. New concepts strengthen the participatory approach in this process and are based on the responsible participation of different actors in the school environment. According to the 2009 school construction guidelines, an organisational concept with an educational orientation, or "pedagogical concept" in short, must be developed before planning a school renovation or new construction can begin. This should provide information on how the structure is used or inhabited and how pedagogical and didactic approaches are implemented. This concept, which has to be approved by the school authorities, is an essential component in the creation of the classroom programme and a project.

In cooperation with the interdisciplinary network "Lernen&Raum", an association of different institutions dealing with the topic of school, various procedures for projects with a pedagogical concept have been implemented in South Tyrol. Further examples of this participatory process can also be found at national level.

The workshop exhibition illustrates the possible methods and aids for school communities, building owners and planners to internalise the extended concept of "designing the school together".

The exhibition is organized by the University of Bozen/Bolzano in collaboration with the East Building Office. Team of curators: Beate Weyland, Kuno Prey, Paolo Bellenzier

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