50x50x50 Conquering new Territories


10 June – 1 October 2017




This year for the first time the exhibition 50x50x50 At the conquest of new territories will take place in two separate exhibition venues: the Fortress and the Bishop's Garden at the Diocesan Museum of Brixen. The exhibition is intended to offer an overview of art and contemporary art in South Tyrol. This year's edition is attended by 55 artists born or living in South Tyrol. Some of them have their roots here, but they live abroad and express in their works the artistic trends of the place they have chosen for their home. The success of the first edition in 2011 was followed in 2013 by the second and in 2015 by the third triumphant edition. Starting from the renewed interest of the local population and many tourists, 50x50x50 To the conquest of new Territories 2017 intends to strengthen this bond and attract more and more public attention.
The involvement of two exhibition venues allows the public to visit the exhibition in two different museums with a single ticket, thus expanding and enriching their stay at the museum.




At the Franzensfeste fortress the historical casemates are the spectacular setting for the works on display. Installations, sculptures, photographs and works of various kinds establish a continuous dialogue with the fort, reviving it for four months. The second part of the exhibition takes place at the Bishop's Garden in Bressanone and is conceived as an "open-air" exhibition. It mostly hosts large-format sculptures and installations.

The exhibition will be flanked by a rich programme.
More information will follow shortly.

Visit also the official website of the exhibition: www.artsuedtirol.it

Artists who exhibit at the Fortress:

Mariana Acuña, Andreas Bertagnoll, Markus Damini, Erich Dapunt, Paul Sebastian Feichter, Astrid Gamper, Dario Grigolato, Ursula Huber, Johannes Inderst, Heinz Innerhofer, Harald Kastlunger, Markus Keim & Beate Hecher, Adama Keita, Lars Klauser, Arthur Kostner, Matthäus Kostner, Giancarlo Lamonaca, Ivan Lardschneider, Cindy Leitner, Ivo Mahlknecht, Lukas Meßner, Verena Oberhollenzer, Elisabeth Oberrauch, Gregor Prugger, Christiane Raich, Abbas Asadi Reza, Susanne Rieper & Valeria Sanguini, Hubert Scheibe, Flavio Senoner, Alois Steger, Thomas Sterna, Maria Stockner, Hartwig Thaler, Oskar Verant, Andreas Zagler

Artists exhibiting at the Bishop's Garden:

Peter Chiusole, Monika Costabiei, Stefan Fabi, Stefano Favaretto, Thomas Fleischmann, Markus Gasser, Ursula Huber, Heinz Innerhofer, Markus Kiniger, Ivan Lardschneider, Kyra Leimegger Chiusole, Johanna Meßner, Martin Pardatscher, Marco Pietracupa, Edith Plattner, Christiane Raich, Sergio Sommavilla, Maria Stockner, Sara Stuflesser, Georg Tappeiner, Hartwig Thaler, Peter Paul Verwunderlich, Cristina Vignocchi, Alexander Wierer, Ruediger Witcher, Wolfgang Zingerle