ensemble chromoson


28 July 2021


Concert by ensemble chromoson entitled Große Reise (Great Journey)
As part of the Alpen Classica Festival 2021 and in collaboration with the Fortress Franzensfeste, Association Oppidum, 50x50x50 Art Südtirol.


Inspired by the diverse artistic positions of the exhibition 50x50x50, the ensemble chromoson presents an equally aesthetically diverse concert. Works of the most diverse stylistic positions(Grisey, Lim, David, Schick, Pärt, Furrer, Aperghis) meet the architecture of the storehouse building in the centre of the Franzensfeste - three rooms in one - sound that moves - air that vibrates - light that changes.

The exhibition 50x50x50 everything for everyone will remain open on this day until 8.30 pm. For all visitors with a museum ticket, the concert by ensemble chromoson is free of charge.


Beginning: 20.30 p.m.
Registration for the concert at: info@franzensfeste.info
You will also need the Corona Pass to attend the event.


Alpen Classica Festival: http://www.alpenclassicafestival.com/en/
ensemble chromoson: http://www.chromoson.cc/