12 September – 30 December 2020


Curated by: Heinrich Schwazer


Nearly 50 artists show their very personal perspective on the Lockout. The exhibition emerged from a survey by Heinrich Schwazer, which appeared in the daily newspaper ‘Tageszeitung‘ during and after the lockout.


The changes we have seen in recent months have been overwhelming. Seemingly suddenly our previous world collapsed. The lockdown tore us out of our everyday life and catapulted us into another reality, into a changed reality.

Distance, control and fear were omnipresent catchwords. Questions about the why, the how to do it and a way out of this threatening situation were difficult to answer.
Solidarity, freedom and hope, however, were awakened after the initial shock. What do we really need to live, what can we learn from it and in which direction our world must, can and should develop are questions that need to be answered.

And art? Where was it? How does it continue?
Inevitably, the pandemic paralysis of shock also affected the art world. It too experienced the break-in, became invisible and lived on behind closed doors, always ready to leave. With the exhibition at Franzensfeste, art - marked by the crisis, unimpressed or pioneering - can be experienced again.


Alberti Gino, AliPaloma, Angerer Leonhard, Anvidalfarei Lois, Böge Katrin,
Bonell Gotthard, Bornefeld Julia, Bosisio Robert, Christiansen Jette, Dall’O Arnold Mario,
Dapunt Erich, De Chirico Jakob, Demetz Aron, Egger Ulrich, Gallmetzer Christine,
Gantz Beate, Gasser Werner, Grezzani Elisa, Habicher Eduard, Hofer Jörg,
Höllrigl Michael, Inger Erika, Innerhofer Heinz, Kammerer Will‑ma, Kulbaka Sebastian,
Mahlknecht Brigitte, Mahlknecht Ivo, Mayer Linda Jasmine, Micheli Sissa, Pan Robert,
Pichler Franz, Prossliner Anuschka, Prugger Gregor, Prugger Leonora, Prugger Paula Regina,
Rainer Josef, Riess Thomas, Runggaldier Hermann Josef, Salcher Thaddäus, Seiwald Luis,
Senoner Peter, Skuber Berty, Steger Lois, Tschurtschenthaler Stefan, Varesco Andrea M.,
Walcher Maria, Welponer Sara, Wohlfahrt Wolfgang,  Zingerle Andreas.