Contemporary Art Day – AMACI


7th October 2023 - Free entry


Saturday 7 October 2023 sees the return of the Giornata del Contemporaneo: the great event promoted by AMACI – Association of Italian Contemporary Art.


On the Contemporary Art Day, there will be an art workshop on the theme of self-portraiture. In the current exhibition In Dialogue with Peter Fellin, two self-portraits that Peter Fellin painted at the age of only 20 years old, are shown. The self-portrait as a genre has undergone a fascinating development in art history. From the realistic self-portraits of the Renaissance to the experimental interpretations of Modernism, the self-portrait reflects the artistic exploration of identity and self-portrayal.

Guided tours of the exhibition In Dialogue with Peter Fellin are also offered, during which the curators Esther Erlacher, Sandra Mutschlechner, Eleonora Klauser Soldà and the art historian Elisabetta Maistri will lead you through the rooms and provide exciting background information on the works of Peter Fellin and the works of the dialogue positions. This will give you the unique opportunity to see the exhibition from the perspective of the exhibition makers. During this experience we will familiarise ourselves with recurring topics in art history such as art patronage and artistic movements to which Peter Fellin belonged and the genesis of his works and their significance, but you will also get a glimpse behind the scenes.


Further information on AMACI can be found at:
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