Women’s Day at the Franzensfeste fortress


8th of March 2018


The fortress of Franzensfeste will grant free admission to interested visitors on the occasion of International Women's Day, Thursday 8 March, and invite them to immerse themselves in the light installation "Ariadne's Asteroids Centrifuge" by and with Julia Bornefeld.



Who does not know the fortress of Franzensfeste. In 2018 it presents itself with its grey granite dress, linear and without frills, just like when it was completed in 1838. Everyone has passed it at least once and perceived it as a gigantic complex at the southernmost point of the Upper Eisack Valley. But only a few had access to it. Since its existence, the soldiers of various armies have determined its use, with few exceptions it has been reserved for men.

However, 2005 brought a decisive change: the fortress of Franzensfeste opened its gates to the public. Initially accessible only with guided tours booked through the Oppidum association, since 2008 numerous exhibitions and events offer a wide public the opportunity to experience the fortress. Since January 2017 the fort has been one of the 10 provincial museums of South Tyrol and as such is constantly expanding its cultural offer.

Since its opening, the fortress has attracted both male and female visitors. The artists, like their male colleagues, have participated in various exhibitions and cultural events and have taken care of the historical and architectural peculiarities of this building. All in all, it seems that the dominant, warlike, "masculine" heritage of the fort is overlapped by more and more fluid forms of thought and action, if you like, "feminine", like those that are born and are required by the comparison with art and culture.

Those responsible for the fort on the occasion of International Women's Day want to give a sign of this change. Interested women can visit the Museum with free admission from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and let themselves be enchanted by the light installation "Ariadne's Asteroids Centrifuge" by Julia Bornefeld, created on the occasion of the National Exhibition in 2009 and which has been the heart of the Fortress ever since.

The artist will be present in person at 3 p.m. and will explain the meaning of the installation.

The installation consists of rotating threads of light wrapped in spheres that rotate around the sun like planets. This show will be accompanied by specially composed spherical sounds of the music group Sense of Akasha from Brunico.

Julia Bornefeld, together with Michael Fliri, will also perform in two other buildings of the fortress from mid-September and will present her latest works, currently being realized directly on site in a temporary studio.

The Tyrolean-born artist, originally from Kiel (D), has lived and worked for many years in Bruneck and Berlin. For her, the fortress is "a strong, exciting and incredibly stimulating place".