Artist Talk: As long as we demand equality


30 September 2021, 7.30 p.m.


As part of the 50x50x50 everything for everyone, artist talks will take place on three evenings at the Franzensfeste Fortress.


The talks will focus on the artists and their works. Their reflections and impulses will be discussed. How can the works be placed in the context of the exhibition 50x50x50 everything for everyone, what effect does the exhibition venue have on the exhibited works and where can we find reference points to the Euregio theme year "Transport, Transit and Mobility"? In the third and final artists' talks, interlocutors from other fields will also have their say and contribute their perspective on the topic of equality.

Everything for everyone is the motto of this year's Biennale 50x50x50. Paintings, sculptures, installations, photographic and video works form the broad spectrum of the exhibition. The works deal with a wide variety of current topics and contemporary issues, which form the focus of the artists' talks. These take place on the last Thursday of each month, starting at the End of July.


As long as we demand equality
As long as there is no equality, we must demand it always and everywhere. It seems to be the most natural thing in the world and all the more astonishing is the vehemence with which the equality of all people in society continues to be fought. Everything for everyone is not only the motto of the 50x50x50 but our demand. As female* artists in a still male-dominated scene, they feel what it means to fight for track position. In what way do their views and demands for equality manifest themselves in their work? Everything for everyone and everyone is equal, the same rights for everyone, a decent life for everyone, everyone! As long as this is not realised, art and everyone must Stand up for it. We can all make our contribution to an equal society.

During a joint tour of the fortress, which leads to the respective works of the participating artists, we will engage in conversation with them.

Katharina Cibulka, AliPaloma, Katrin Böge, Sylvie Riant, Sabine Gamper (Curator) and Ulrike Oberhammer (President of the Provincial Commission for Equal Opportunities for Women) who will illuminate the topic from different perspectives.


Start: 7.30 p.m.
In German and Italian

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To attend the event you need the Grenn Pass.