30 July - 03 September 2021


The travelling exhibition Resonance is shown in the Fortress Franzensfeste as part of the art biennial 50x50x50 everything for everyone.


The motto of this year's edition of the Art Biennale 50x50x50 is: everything for everyone. Everything is meant for everyone, no one is to be excluded. The project COOPERATION & RESONANCE, from which the travelling exhibition emerged, can also be placed in this context. The work and commitment of all people should be recognised, because only when all work is done can our society function. Every profession is relevant and important.

On the occasion of the International Migrants Day 2020, the Coordination Office for Integration, in cooperation with other regional offices, schools and associations, wanted to give a face to the people with a migration history who make their contribution in essential professions every day.

Thus, the project KOOPERATION & RESONANCE was launched, for which scholars from Merano, Ortisei and Bolzano met with associations, social cooperatives, employees and workers with a migration background to photographically document their professional activities. Their photos and pictures were published on the website of the Coordination Office for Integration. From these works, the travelling exhibition RESONANCE was created in cooperation with the design office GRUPPE GUT.


In cooperation with:

  • Kunstgymnasium Gymnasien Meran, Klasse 4K - Fachrichtung Grafik
    Johanna Albert, Emil Donà, Alan Gallo, Selina Gumpold, Teresa Laera, Emma Mair, Franziska Malleier, Mick Mirrione, Emanuela Persolja, Markus Pircher, Laura Sacco, Nampet Sakong, Nathanael Schiessl, Ann-Sophie Torggler, Veronika Tscholl, Noah Zanotto, Alexia Zischg sotto la guida di Elisabeth Hölzl
  • Lizeum d’ert Cademia, 3a tlas AB – sezion ert figurativa
    Marie Brugger, Nicole Moroder, Federica Sigrisi, Natalie Obojes, Elisa Prinoth, Johanna Röck, Tanji Hind, Greta Profanter, Jasmin Messner, Elisabeth Gamper sotto la guida di Theresia Blaas
  • Lizeum d’ert Cademia, 5a tlas AB – sezion grafica
    Elena Perathoner, Jannik Kritzinger, Sharon Alfreider, Lara Kostner, Annalena Leitner, Carolina Moroder sotto la guida di Irina Thaler y Maria Delago
  • Liceo G. Pascoli, classe 4S - indirizzo economico sociale internazionale
    Lisia Brillo, Lisa Sommacampagna, Gioia Montemurro, Fabrizio Pittoni, Davide Bocchi, Mattia Cutrupi, Mavi Waha, Aurora Sanvido, Beatrice Bissolo, Giulia Garbin, Erica Barbolini, Linda Timperio sotto la guida di Nazario Zambaldi


Various associations and social cooperatives offer targeted activities and projects that facilitate the entry of foreigners into the host community.
The participants in this project were:


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